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Главная » 2009 » Июнь » 3 » Новый патч для PotBS
Новый патч для PotBS

For 1.16, we’re making various improvements to the combat mechanics of the game. We are improving the underpowered brawling skill chain, changing the debuff stacking mechanic in ship combat and adjusting round shot damage. These changes should help smooth out some areas that are currently rough and prone to exploitation.
Brawling Update

1.16 includes a set of changes to the brawling skill line. The changes give brawling more damage output while making it easier to maintain combos. There are fewer attacks that consume combo points and more attacks that benefit from combo points. We expect there to be another step after this one. Here are the changes so far:

Jab: Initiative cost 0 -> 10. Now adds 2 combo counters (6). Inflicts 12 balance damage for each combo on the target. Increased combo duration (12s) if the target already has four counters.

Cross: Initiative cost 20 -> 10.

Stomp: Cripple duration 8s -> 12s. Cannot miss. Now adds a combo point (10s). Target takes 12 health damage for each combo point.

Uppercut: No longer removes combo effects. Applies broken defense (12s) if the target has at least 2 combo counters.

Hook: Damage +15%

Knee: No longer requires stun or removes combo effects. Adds multiple effects based on combo counters – 1: Weakened (15s), 2: Shaken (15s), 3: Off Balance (15s), 4: 15 Health Damage

Roundhouse: No longer reduces stun immunity. Damage +60% -> +40%. Deals +10 health damage for each combo counter on the target.

Jab’s double combo point effect makes it easy to get a chain running to take advantage of the bonuses other skills receive from having stacked combo counters, and there are more ways to approach an attack chain than there were before. Expect more changes in 1.17.
Debuff Stacking

The way debuffs stack in ship combat is a problem that we want to address, as it is possible to almost completely disable players. So, from now on, all ship combat debuffs will fall into two categories: Primary and Secondary. The descriptions for skills now identify the type of debuff. Crew damage penalties fall into the Primary category.

A single stat can only be reduced once in any category, and the largest of the debuffs to that stat will be the one that is chosen. Generally, the focused debuffs are in the Primary category while the general debuffs and the ones that stacked are now in the Secondary category. The primary category has the largest numerical reductions, while the secondary category is the supplement. So let’s give an example, let’s say a target suffers every national debuff:

Deter Pursuit: -45% Speed
Identify Weakness: -6 Defense
Disable Rigging: -25% Speed
Disable Rudder: -50% Turn
Show of Force: -25% Reload
Decimate: -25 Grappling Attack/Grappling Defense/Crew Recovery
Military Intelligence: -8 Defense
Death’s Embrace: -10% Resist
Jugular (x20): -20% Accel/Reload/Resist
Crushing Broadside: -3 Accuracy, -10% Reload
Demoralize: -25% Accel, -5% Reload, -5 Energy, -5% Damage
Cut Shroud: -25% Speed
Entangling Shot: -15% Sail Resist, -10 Grappling Defense
Damage Rudder: -50% Turn

Debilitating Broadside (max): -18% Speed/Turn/Accel/Reload
Crippling Broadside: -10% Speed/Turn/Reload, -20% Accel, -2 Accuracy
Focused Fire: -3 DR
Dominate: -15% Speed
Cripple Enemy: -10% Speed/Turn, -5% Accel, -3 Accuracy, -2 Defense, -5 Grappling Defense
Signals: -5 Defense

Under the new mechanics, the following debuff would be suffered:

-50% Turn, -45% Speed, -25% Reload/Grappling Attack/Grappling Defense/Crew Recovery/Accel, -20% Armor/Structure Resist, -15% Sail Resist, -8 Defense, -6 Accuracy, -5 Energy, -5% Damage, -3 DR

-20% Accel, -18% Speed/Turn/Reload, -5 Defense/Grappling Defense, -3 Accuracy/DR

-68% Turn, -63% Speed, -43% Reload, -30 Grappling Defense, -25 Grappling Attack, -13 Defense, -5 Energy, -5% Damage

All the debuffs that aren’t bold get thrown out. Generally, it’s now difficult to reduce a stat below 50% and most cap out between 60-70%. Those limits may get changed more once we see how this works out. Here’s a list of the debuff categories:

Primary Debuffs:
Buccaneer: Disorienting Shot, Cut Shroud, Disrupt Formation, Jugular
Cutthroat: Target Weakness, Run Them Down, Vaporing, Cut Shroud, Entangling Shot, Damage Rudder, Decimate, Deter Pursuit, Death’s Embrace
Freetrader: Deter Pursuit, Identify Weakness
Navy: Disable Rigging, Disable Rudder, Show of Force, Decimate, Military Intelligence
Privateer: Death’s Embrace, Jugular, Demoralize, Cut Shroud, Entangling Shot, Damage Rudder

Secondary Debuffs:
Buccaneer: Unleash the Hounds, Heated Shot, Distraction
Cutthroat: Slaughter Their Crew, Cripple Enemy, Devil Take the Hindmost
Freetrader: Debilitating Broadside
Navy: Crippling Broadside, Focused Fire, Dominate
Privateer: Crushing Broadside, Cripple Enemy, Signals
Round Shot Damage

Right now, round shot does too much peripheral damage. All types of round shot will deal less crew and sail damage in 1.16.

You’ll see all of these changes on testbed soon, so give them a try and let us know what you think!

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